Hi! I’m Dr. Tim.

That’s me in the photo.

In 1985, I was a practicing dentist in Northern California.

I loved treating my patients, but I was tired of working with foggy glasses and soggy face masks.

I was done with blood, spit and splatter on my face.

Life-threatening viruses, like HIV and hepatitis, are contracted through exposure to infected blood and bodily fluids.

I knew there was a better solution.

So I thought. I designed. I invented... The result?

The Op-d-op Face Shield - the first protective face shield for health care workers.

Op-d-op is the only face shield designed by a health care professional FOR a health care professional. That makes all the difference.

Experience the benefits for yourself. Wear Op-d-op and start working safer, smarter AND longer.

Here’s to your health!