Why Op-d-op face shields?

As a health care professional, the last thing you want to think about is your personal protective equipment. And with Op-d-op, you never have to. Experience the seamless integration of safety and style. 

  • Minimize contact with splash, splatter + spray.

  • Stay cool + comfortable.

  • Wear with glasses, loupes and masks.


Three Op-d-op Styles

One that's perfect for you.


Extra face shields, mini-shields + foam bumpers to keep your Op-d-op like new.




Op-d-op Face Shields are designed to be worn over the face of health care workers to reduce the risk of being splattered or splashed with possibly infectious bodily fluids. Op-d-op products do not prevent the contraction of disease or infection and should always be worn using standard precautions. Properly disinfect or discard Op-d-op products after each use.